Saturday, January 26, 2013

first attempt apam

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this is my first entry about food 
i wanna talk about APAM ....
Actually you can call me as APAM addicted
i'm not sure what they called it in english but malaysian call it APAM
it a food, if in europe people have tea break with a lovely cup cake, in Malaysia we eat APAM.

I love APAM since i was small, maybe that the reason I am like APAM too "chubby"
if you wanna know what is APAM you can Google it

Recently, almost every morning i will buy APAM for breakfast.
it been ages I want to try to make them, but mum reluctant to teach me, she said difficult , easy to buy
sob sob sob....
One day i went for shopping, i saw a box of flour with a label "instant APAM flour"
i talk to myself! cooooll finally i can make them by myself

after a month then i have time to make APAM.... hahaha a month? yeah you right... busy woman ? no it is actually lazy woman

ok back to the story
so i read the instruction, hurm not so bad, only 3 lines of instruction it must be easy right?

so here we are ready to steam
owh yes apa we don’t baked but we steam them

after 15 -20 mins 
tadaaaaaa APAM is ready
grrrr not bad but not perfect just can eat :P

hurm am not satisfied 
nevermind it always a first time 
ok it is time to find the real recipe

check my next entry 
either i succeed or not 

huhu what i waiting for???
lets Google

this was on the 27th January 2013

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


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dah 23 hari berlalu semenjak berganjak ke tahun baru 
ini bererti umur ku juga telah genap 32tahun 4bulan
pantas benar rasanya masa berlalu 
aku masih lagi serabut
ntah apa yang aku serabut kan

plan aku tahun ni
nak menulis blog 
asalnya satu hari satu post
ini dah hari ke 23 hari dalam tahun 2013
satu post pun takde ooopss.... kalau post ini diupload kira ada la satu post 

bukan aku taknak menulis
aku suka menulis
tapi aku takde masa
ye ke takde masa?
bukan ke masa tu telah diberikan cukup untuk semua orang 

mungkin aku terlalu banyak benda yang nak buat 
aku perlu fokus 
insyaAllah aku akan cuba mengotakan apa yang aku rancang
ketemu lagi nanti 

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